List Building Should Be one of Your Main Goals

You see it all the time on the web. Some sites have tens of thousands of subscribers. They have a massive following and are doing extremely well. One of the main reasons is that they have focused on list building to grow their site. Listing building can take your site from nowhere all the way to being a large site in just a little time. So why should you care so much about growing your email list? There are several reasons, some that you may have not considered.

list building benefits

1. Return Traffic

When you convince someone to subscribe to your site, chances are that they really like your site and its content. Sending them a regular newsletter reminds them that your site is there. They receive an email, listing your new content, and they come back to explore something that piques their interest. It’s that simple!

2. Ads

In my flagship website, I have a couple of ads that I place in the newsletter each week. It is important not to be excessive, but I feature great deals for designers on templates or other tools that will save them time. I make sure that the things that I promote are quality products and something that I would actually use.

3. Get the Word out About New Products, Events & Services

Spreading the word about events, such as webinars, new products, or services is much easier if you have a email list. These people are already interested in you and what you have to offer, so it is a given that they’ll want to know about the next webinar or where to find out about your new product or service.

4. List Building Greatly Increases Sales

It’s tough to make a cold sale. Most likely, you won’t have much luck having a random visitor convert to a purchase. However, an email subscriber has already committed to receiving emails from you on a regular basis. They are much likelier to make a purchase than someone who just found out about you. You’ve built up trust with them, so they are much more open to listening to what you have to say and the products you recommend.

5. It Will Increase Your Social Media Following

This comes from my own experience. For my flagship site, I have found that when someone subscribes to my email list, they are much likelier to like my posts on Facebook, and retweet them on Twitter. This has a domino effect, because when they promote your posts, others will come to your site, and it seems to spread out like a ripple. Think of someone sharing a post to their 1000 Google+ circle members, and each of them sharing it with their 1000 circle members. it happens, and that’s how you grow quickly.

6. You Can Send Your Loyal Visitors Incentives

If you want to keep regular visitors coming back, email your list a little something special just for being a subscriber. They will jump at opening your emails in the future. Building a close relationship with readers is extremely important. At the same time, if you hook them up with free stuff, they’ll be much likelier to support you when you have something for sale.

7. The Return on Investment With List Building is Huge

Think about it. All you have to do is a little list building, and you can regularly send articles and information to people that are actually interested. In a sense, your list is highly targeted traffic. They were interested enough to subscribe to you, so they want to stay updated on the latest information in your industry. All you are really investing is the time to create a newsletter regularly, and you’re all set. Email subscribers are more likely to make a purchase to support you. There really is no excuse for not building a list. There are so many email marketing companies out there that cut the work out for you. They give you a form to embed on your site, and they keep a list of all of your subscribers online. You don’t have to keep up with a database or anything. Check out companies such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, iContact, and there are others out there, so pick the one that’s right for you.

List Building Should be a Priority

You should definitely think about list building if you want long term success. Instead of someone being a one-time visit, they have a better chance of being a daily reader. You get so much more out of your site if list building is one of your main methods of promotion.

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