Pumping Your Email List

You have set up an opt-in form for your email list, yet you can’t a lot of subscribers. Does this sound familiar? It can be really, really frustrating.

The key to success lies in a simple understanding. Having an opt-in form does not guarantee a lot of subscribers. You must also give them an irresistible reason to subscribe to your email list, while at the same time, making it super-easy for them to do so. As a successful marketer, you have to constantly add new users to your email list. Otherwise, you can be soon out of your business. It’s an ongoing process after all.

Fortunately, there are some ways that you can use to rapidly increase your email list. Some of those methods may seem unlikable and “extra work”, but they have been proven effective from time to time, so you should use them.

Such 5 proven ways to increase your email subscription list are:

 1.  Having a Separate Landing Page

Have a quick look at many blogs and observe what they have been doing wrong.

You will notice that almost every blog and online business offers a free giveaway product. True. But they don’t have a separate landing page for it.

Your free product can be a limited membership, a free e-book or a tutorial video. Whatever it is; treat it like a real product. Give proper value to your product and your prospects will do the same.

First of all, have a separate landing page for your free product, with a clear sign-up form. Mention all the benefits of your product and subtly ask your readers to subscribe. If you only have a small subscription widget – with no separate landing page to nurture your leads – you won’t be able to grow your email list quickly.

 2.  Having a Pop-up

Is it obtrusive? Maybe. Is it effective? Definitely.

A not-so-recent study by ConversionVoodoo suggests that you should definitely take a shot at pop-up windows.

The idea of having a pop-up subscription form is generally considered a bad one. However, you have to thoroughly see its effectiveness.

Suppose you have a subscription form at the bottom of each blog post. Now, what do the readers have to do if they don’t want to subscribe? The answer is that they have to do absolutely nothing. They don’t have to take any action for not subscribing.

On the other hand, a pop-up form requires your readers to take an action – whether they want to fill the sign-up form or to avoid it. This is why it can be so effective in increasing your email list. However, you’ll also have to minimize its obtrusion.

A good idea is to use a pop-up plugin like OptinMonster. It does not appear right in the face when the user is trying to read the blog post. Instead, it appears only when the reader is about to quit the webpage – which is usually after reading the blog post. So, there is minimum obtrusion here.

 3.  Reducing Barriers to Entry

Do you know you can significantly increase your opt-in rate by reducing the barriers to sign up?

The idea is to keep it really, really simple. Make it extremely easy for your prospects to fill that sign-up form. How can you make it so?

Ideally, don’t ask a lot of information from your users. In fact, if possible, just ask their e-mail address – nothing more than that. They will only have to add a single line – their email address – to fill the sign-up “form”.

I have seen many forms that require you to enter your first name, middle name, last name, e-mail address, country name, etc. etc. It is enough to turn off a reader. Just keep it simple and they will come. Later, you can ask them to edit their preferences and fill in further information.

 4.  Be Innovative

A little innovation can go a long way in increasing your email list.

It is good that you have a free product to give to your subscribers. However, how about a new contest? Or a free entry to a paid webinar? It all depends on how big a reason you can give to your prospects to sign up.

Always remember that a new product sparks “curiosity”. Furthermore, when you limit the number of users who can get it in the end, it also sparks “desire”. When you combine both of them, you get a lot of people interested. For example:

“Only 3 FREE Entries to a Paid Webinar … Limited Offer. Sign Up Now!”

 5.  Exclusive Content

Content is King. It always has been … It will always be.

Leverage the quality and exclusivity of your content in gaining new subscribers. A great example is the Copyblogger blog. They provide high-quality and exclusive content to their subscribers.

For instance, everybody could read their blog. However, they also have a huge amount of content, exclusively available to their members.

If the quality of your content is really good, users will sign up for that. They want the information you are providing, and therefore, will be happy to exchange their email address for that. But it won’t be the same case if you don’t provide any exclusive newsletters, blog posts and content to them.

In Conclusion

So these are the 5 proven ways by which you can rapidly increase your email list. Of course, there is much more to the story, so keep exploring in search for new ideas. The number one rule to always remember: build your email list without becoming a jerk. But for starters, try mixing these methods up and find the right balance for your online business.

My name is Eugene. I am an online marketer.

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