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Why You Should Accept Guest Posts On Your Blog

Are you interested in upping the amount of traffic to your website? Of course you are – everyone is! There are lots of ways to increase your amount of visitors, and guest blogging seems to be the single most important thing you can incorporate. Search engines LOVE guest blogs. They create inbound links to your site and help to make it look credible. Guest blogging is something you really need to get involved with – and it’s pretty easy to do too as the writers are doing the work for you! There are so many benefits to getting involved with guest blogging that we thought we’d list them here.

They Build Relationships

By inviting other authors to provide guest blogs for your site, you are acknowledging your respect of both their writing and their views. This will in turn make them work really hard to deliver great content that will actually be read. The relationship between you and your guest bloggers is mutually beneficial – they will get more readers for their blog and you will get more people on your website. It’s a win/win situation and one that will only serve to build your reputation.

Search Engines Will Love You

As we mentioned earlier, search engines such as Google absolutely love guest blogs. Getting other people’s blogs on your page will serve to push you up the rankings, which every business owner knows has a crucial impact on your bottom line.


By allowing guest bloggers to appear on your site, you are spreading your links across loads of different domains. This will prove to search engines on different domains that you are an authority on your subject area and will do wonders for your ranking results.

Create Backlinks To Your Site

You can really cash in on the new relationships you are building by asking bloggers to link their readers to your site. They will usually be more than happy to do this, and it’s invaluable – for example, imagine for a minute you are selling sofas. The blogger speaks authoritatively and tells readers what to look for in a sofa, some background information and perhaps some style ideas they hadn’t thought of. By leaving your link at the bottom of their blog, potential buyers read the blog and head straight to your site, with the reassurance that you know what you’re talking about too.

Raise Your Reputation

By associating yourself with experts in your field of work, you are raising your game. You will look knowledgeable and authoritative, your brand will look established and reputable and you will come across as an expert in your industry. You will be raising awareness of both your brand and your expertise.

And A Word Of Warning

Guest blogging works brilliantly, but only if you keep it relevant. Articles should have a clear relevance to your brand. If you include blogs that are badly written or contain wrong information then you will dilute the power of your site. Affiliate yourself with writers and bloggers that write accessible, readable and accurate blogs and you won’t go far wrong.

So How Do You Go About It?

Do your research! Take time to scour the web for authoritative voices on your subject matter. Make sure the bloggers that you choose are great writers and that they have a good grasp of grammar and punctuation. Use different bloggers so that there is always something fresh up. Their articles should be high quality, informed and not too long (600 words is probably enough). Have a look at similar websites to yours to see how they go about it.

Laura Ginn is the owner of British writing company Ink Elves.  She loves telling people about the benefits of guest blogging and even offers pre-written guest blogging content for sale via her website.

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