What is Grade Your Social?

I have been using Hootsuite for a couple of years. Honestly, with the multitude of sites I run, I couldn’t succeed without it. I am a Pro member, and jumped at the chance to become a Hootsuite Ambassador. When I believe in a great company who creates a great product, I don’t hesitate to offer my endorsement. When you are in the thick of promoting your business with social media, you may have trouble defining the success of your efforts. Well, a new analytical tool by Hootsuite, called Grade Your Social, will take a look at your account and grade your performance. Let’s take a look at what Grade Your Social considers when calculating your score.



This is how far your tweets go. Reach looks at the size of your audience as a whole.


Grade Your Social also looks at how many retweets each post gets. If no one is retweeting, then your message isn’t being shared or spread across the network.

Grade Your Social


This is determined by the content you share and how you interact with your audience.


Are you sharing interesting photos, links and videos? If you share great content, your followers will retweet and interact with you.


Nothing is as discouraging to a follower as making an attempt to contact you or interact with you, only to be ignored. Chances are, they’ll just unfollow you. Don’t miss an opportunity to interact and engage your followers, especially when they reach out to you.


Having a complete profile makes it easier for relevant people to connect with you. They’ll be able to find you easier, building your following quicker and easier. It also builds trust and credibility. People get an idea of who you are and what you’re about. Have you ever followed an account with the generic egg icon? Neither have I.

My Grade

I tested my CreativeBeacon twitter account to see how I was doing. Overall I did better than I thought I would, coming in at a B+. I realize that I need to work on my engagement, and I need to focus on getting more retweets from my followers. This gives me valuable insight, because I can look at strategies specifically for generating retweets from followers. This will extend my reach, so that my posts end up in front of more eyes, driving more traffic to my site.


Grade Your Social will look at all of these aspects, letting you know how you’re doing. If you fall short in an area, they’ll let you know in a more expansive report they’ll send to you. They also provide links to articles that will give you valuable tips on how you can improve in areas where you aren’t so strong. Try Grade Your Social and see how you can improve interactions with your followers.

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